System Implementation

  • Work closely with Accela staff on new system implementations.
  • Process mapping of all processes to be implemented within Accela Automation® to ensure all process workflows are developed with the full process in mind.
  • Design and develop Records required for tracking all processes.
  • Data review, cleanup, and field mapping required for migration.
  • Establish system security to allow flexibility along with ensuring data integrity for your full system.
  • Establish security for your backend databases to prevent accidental data corruption.


  • Work with your jurisdiction to review existing systems and make recommendations to streamline processes.
  • Work closely with your jurisdiction to create all necessary processes within Accela Automation® for use with:

    Land Management
    Asset Management
    Licensing & Case Management
    Public Health & Safety
    Service Request

Reports and Documents

  • Creation and modification of Records specific permit forms, receipts, standard letters and memos designed specifically for your jurisdiction.
  • Development and modification of system wide reports.
  • Creation of Quick Queries in various areas of Accela Automation® to assist users with fast searches and reports.
  • Customize financial reports and monthly and/or statistical reports to facilitate your reporting needs and goals.


  • System Administrator training programs necessary for effective implementation and maintenance.
  • Reports training, with a focus on the Civic Platform® database structure and tables utilized for report writing.
  • Specific training for reporting platforms, including SSRS®, Crystal Reports®, and Ad Hoc Reporting®.
  • Scripting (v2 and v3) training for augmentation of standard features within the product.
  • End-User Training setup as either Train the Trainer format, or direct End User Training (whichever is best for your agency).
  • Creation of customized step by step user documentation specific to your jurisdiction.