• Establish and maintain categories for compositions, user setup, fee items, inspections, conditions, approvals, and calendars.
  • Establish and maintain department/division security for all users, administrators, compositions, inspections, screens,conditions, approvals and documents.
  • Establish user accounts, including default users for future use when adding new staff.
  • Establish security for your backend databases to prevent accidental data corruption.
  • Optimize in settings specific to the needs of your jurisdiction.


  • Setup standard criteria for reports within the systems Reports module.
  • Create ad hoc reports using jurisdiction-specific data from the backend database.


  • Create a customized step by step user documentation specific to your jurisdiction.
  • Create customized administrator documentation including security, user setup, and design methodology.
  • Design user and system administrator training programs necessary for effective implementation and maintenance of your system.


  • Create permit forms, receipts, standard letters and memos designed specifically for your jurisdiction.
  • Create an inspection request form utilizing data fields required by your jurisdiction


  • Work with your jurisdiction to review existing systems and make recommendations to streamline processes.
  • Work with your jurisdiction to develop a hierarchy for your processes and procedures within the system structure.
  • Assistance with creating the base Official Address file, Parcel file, and CAED files.  Additionally able to assist with enhancement of base compositions to add functionality for your jurisdiction.
  • Create all necessary compositions which could include any of the following types depending on the needs of your jurisdiction: